Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Skincare Staple–Josie Maran Argan Oil

It’s cold outside.  And this Florida girl is not pleased.  Well, to be honest, I do appreciate the changing seasons.  For instance, watching the leaves change is still something I get excited about!  You don’t see these types of colors in Florida. 

I’ve been in VA for over six years and I’ve slowly learned that products that worked for me in FL, don’t necessarily cut the mustard now; (bonus points to anyone who understood that saying).


When it comes to the drier season, skin hydration is very important.  Now I always make the disclaimer, skincare is a very personal thing.  Most of it is trial and error.  Sometimes it takes a while to figure out the balance.  But if you feel you have skin similar to mine, here's what works for me.  

I have oily skin.  In a very short time, my t-zone is a veritable oil slick.  I’m always on the hunt for products that mattify my skin (more on that later).  What I’ve discovered in my search was surprising.  Although my skin is oily, I still need a fair amount of products that hydrate the skin.  I would typically look for oil free products; but I’ve found that my skin would only produce more oil.  I must keep my skin properly hydrated to decrease it’s natural oil production.  Here is a product I’ve found that works very well for me an my oily skin.


If you are even remotely up to date in the beauty community you’ve heard of argan oil.  It’s the new “it” product and it’s in everything. You should be careful that you’re using products that contain pure argan oil.  Many products will slap the name on the package, but not truly contain the product. But trust me when I say the hype is worth it for the Josie Maran argan oil.  I LOVE this stuff.    The reason I love Josie Maran’s argan oil is simply because it works.  It's loaded with vitamin E which is excellent for hydration.  The bottle contains a dropper and you only need one or two drops to fully cover your face.  It’s a very emollient oil, but not too heavy.  It absorbs well in the skin when you only use a little.  I usually pat it into my skin to apply it.  I know the idea of putting oil on your face seems counter intuitive for oily skin.   Yet this really works; you need moisture to balance out the skin.  I’ve been using this for well over a year.  It’s my favorite night time moisturizer and it does not clog my pores or cause breakouts.

There are many uses for argan oil in addition to skin.  You can use it as a treatment for your nails and even your hair.  I typically stick to my face because it’s rather pricey and I can’t justify using it so liberally – gotta feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.  Over time this product has improved the condition of my skin.  It’s smoother and I feel like it’s improved the elasticity of my skin.  There are tons of reviews on the this product and I’m a fan for life!  If you’re interested in trying this, I would recommend trying it in a set that QVC offers regularly.  You can try some of her other products and you get more for the price.   I have tried other products and I have some other favorites! 

Tell me in the comments what products you use for the colder months.