Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014 Favorites and FOTD

Hi friends.  I hope you've had a nice week.  Thanks to the polar vortex, we've been snowed in all week.  Thankfully we were safe and sound.  The craziness in the south was so horrible to watch.  I'm glad my friends and family fared well through it all.  I hope you all made it safely through this unwelcome weather phenomenon.

I must admit, I've been kinda hoe-hum with makeup. When you're snowed in, food, particularly baked goods seem to be appealing.  Or is that just me? Anyone?

 Yeah, so playing in makeup hasn't been on the top of my to do list.  But when I did apply makeup, I gravitated towards the products below.  I've been working hard to "shop my stash" instead of buying new products.  Which let me know tell ya, its' very hard when every brand under the sun is coming out with new collections.  So real talk, I may have picked up one, or two things (more on that in a later post).  I'm wearing my favorites in the picture above.

Let's start Cover Girl 3 in 1 foundation - In Love!  I included it in my 2013 favorites.  I was recently in Florida and FINALLY found the Queen Collection.  I'm so annoyed that I cannot find it in my local drugstores.  Both the regular and Queen collection retails for about $9 - $12, depending on where you live and the store.  I need to find a local store in Richmond that sells the Queen collection.  So I had been searching for a shade from the that collection to blend with the one I already owned.  The regular line didn't have the right shade for me.  Once I found the right shade, I mixed them.  Thus creating my perfect shade!  I use one pump of Brulee from the Queen collection mixed with one pump of Golden Tan from the regular line and voila - LOVE!  The finish on this is amazing.  It wears all day for me (up to at least 9 hours).  It looks very natural and covers nicely without looking like you've slacked a pound of foundation on your face. Get it.  You'll thank me!

E.L.F Lip balm tint is fantastic.  It's only $3!  The product is thick,  yet not heavy.  It has a slight fruity scent and taste but I don't mind it at all.  It feels so incredible on the lips.  It comes in four shades and they have surprising strong pigmentation.   Get it! Now!

Ruby Kisses all over glow in light glow is amazing.  I found this brand at my local beauty supply store for around $5.  This shade gives a very subtle glow to the skin.  I love to top it on my cheekbones.  It reminds me of the finish of a MAC MSF.  Not sure if its a dupe for the lighter shades; but I own another ruby kisses all over glow that that is a very close dupe to gold deposit.  Maybe I'll do a swatch post for ya!  Let me know if you'd like to see that.  If you're looking for this brand try a hair care shop that caters to women of color and I'm sure they'll have them there.

Mascara.. oh mascara!  How I love thee.  This past month these two have been my go to products.  The Revlon grow luscious has been a favorite for a while.  It retails for around $8  It's a drier formula but I find it gives my lashes amazing volume.  The Maybelline Colossal Volume express mascara is new to my collection.  This one retails for about $8.  It's a much more wet formula and has an awful smell.  Good thing I like how it layers with the Revlon -- so I can forgive the smell since it doesn't linger.  They both have large, full brushes.  Love them together!

The Lorac Pro Palette!  OMG - seriously love this thing.  I should've included it in my 2013 favorites; CLEARLY it was an oversight.  Am I forgiven?  K.. let's continue.  Everyone and their cousin has been talking about this palette and it completely deserves the hype.  It retails for about $42; but you get eight matte and eight satin/shimmer shades.  It's my most versatile palette; I have created more looks with this one palette than any of the others I own.  The consistency of these shadows will blow your mind!  They blend like a dream and the lasting power is amazeballs.  Seriously I cannot get enough.  I've had to force myself to play in other eye shadows because I keep gravitating toward this one!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Finally a misting spray that I adore.  I actually found out about the George's Aloe spray from a youtube(r) names Kendra.  Her channel is vlogwithkendra.  She also writes a great blog  Love her and her product recommendations are pretty reliable.  I ordered this product from vitacost and retails for about $4.  It is a very moisturizing spray.  I use it after I've applied my makeup just to add a bit of dewiness to my face.  It does not change the look of the makeup, it just makes my face look .. finished.  If I've gone a little to crazy with the powder, this fixes me right up.  I love that it's natural too!

That's all folks!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorites.  Let me know if you have any questions about the products mentioned.  Also, tell me your favorites or what types of post you'd like to see.  Thanks for stopping by